Refund Policy On Mother's Pharmacy Company

You accept this terms and conditions of use about Our Refund Policy you as Customer Accept Our Refund Policy of 30 Days under the Following conditions:

1.) First you will have a Full Refund of your money Only for 30 Days After that you have received your package

if you have received Only Half of your Pills that you have ordered From Our Website Company Pharmacy at:

2.)  Second if your Pills arrived  Broken  Or Disrupted Also if your package never arrived its destination

3.) And Third if your package has not been sent yet and if you just tested 5 Pills of your total pills that was received

Attention Note Extra: in the case that your package was confiscated Our Pharmacy Company Guarantee to Our Customer a Re-ship about your Full Order including Ship By FedEx Overnight Or 1 Day Delivery From Other Company. But this does not include a Full Refund About Your Order In this case We will Re-ship your package Only.

                                                           Read Below Carefully Please

Our company must have First Proof Before to give you a Full Refund of your Order We will need proof that your pill arrived broken or Damaged.

1.) First the package that you receive from Our Company must have the total pills received you can test just 5 pills and your reclamation must be into of 15 Days once you have received your pills in other case we can refund or re-ship your package again if you have tested just 5 pills and you must return your package back us during of 30 Days as we agree 

2.) Second should be information about shipper From Our Warehouse or Our Agent who send the product meds Package.

3.) And Third you must send us a Clear Photos or Pictures about your package and Updated with the Date and Time that it says the package was sent And Also Must Be include The tracking number that We have provide to you.

Our Pharmacy Company ensures that you will receive a products meds of highest quality, original and Brand in it's class from the United States our delivery is fast Safe And Reliable We ship directly From FedEx Priority Overnight Guaranteed  And Also By USPS 1 Day Delivery And Sometimes We ship Via UPS Next Day Air Also 1 Day Delivery.