Your Security is Also Our Priority On Mother's Pharmacy

When you place an order On Mother's Pharmacy online,your personal information is encrypted using SSL 226 Bit encryption technology before being sent over the Internet, making it virtually impossible for your information to be stolen or intercepted while being transferred to Your  information is always stored in encrypted form in a database that is away from our web site database so it isn't connected to the Internet, and is therefore safe.

We never do not store your personal information and we never do not share your personal information with third company or government your personal information and your-financial information is never shared with anyone.

Even our own employee can not see your financial information because it passes through a filter security encryption and also then passed to a system of Pharmacy which is connected directly with servers and providers as Google System Verification Visa verify Security Internet also. All information provided is kept secure in the doctors database and is legally protected by the doctor-patient medical privilege laws. Under these laws it is forbidden to sell, share or give any information you have submitted to us to third parties, including your e-mail address.

 If you have questions or comments about our privacy policies, feel free to drop us an e-mail at